Most of us want to share our family research with others.  Why else would you go to an internet website to host your family tree?  But we also want to respect and protect the privacy of others if they are still alive or very private.  TNG has the settings ready for you.

First, log into your TNG site as administrator.  Open the Administration panel and select Setup.  Then go to General Settings.  Open the Privacy section.  You should see this screen, below:

There are several selections available.  We will describe each of them in turn.

Require Login: Normally you would set this to “No”.  If you say “Yes”, then no one can get past your home page without logging in.  That means you would have no visitors, no one that can learn of your family line or whether you have any connections in common.  This runs contrary to the goals of the society.  However, sometimes a new TNG site is still under development with little information inside, and you might want to clean up the information before inviting visitors.  Typically, say “No” to requiring a login.

Show LDS Data: This depends on your involvement with the LDS Church.  You can select “Always”, “Never” or perhaps “Depending on user rights”.

Show Living Data: This shows or hides dates and places for living individuals.  You can choose “Always”, “Never” or “Depending on user rights”.  The third choice usually works, as it will still hide living data from site visitors with no login privileges.

Show Names for Living: This is the setting you want to choose for protecting the living.  There are three choices: “No”, “Yes” or “Abbreviate first name”.  TNG considers living people to be those with no death or burial information, plus a birthdate that is less than 110 years ago.  If you set this to “No”, then the names of living people is replaced with the word “Living”.  If you set it to “Abbreviate first name”, then an example of this would be: (for me) “Albert James Benedict” would be displayed as “A. J. Benedict”.

Show Names for Private: This works the same as “Show Names for Living”.