Some of our subscribers to TNG have had initial problems getting images uploaded and installed on their home pages.

It is a two-step process.  The first step is to get a copy of your image uploaded from your computer to your TNG website.  The second step is to tell TNG the whereabouts of that image in the file system and where it is to be displayed on the homepage.

Let’s break down the process into stages.  I am going to use a new Template #12 as an example.  This has three images on the homepage: the thumbnail image in the upper-left corner, and a left and a right image, on each side of the welcoming page.  My grandfather and grandmother will make nice bookends on this page.

When you first look at Template #12, we have default images of Charlemagne on the left and Augustin Grignon on the right, a fur trader in the Fox River Valley area of Wisconsin.

Not my relatives.  My relatives are images stored on my home computer.  Let’s fix this.

First, know where your images are stored on the home computer.  Next, make copies of the original images, then resize the images to suit the purpose, and rename the copies for identification.

You make copies so that your original documents are unaltered by the modifications being done.  Resizing makes sure that the images are correct in proportion and display quickly for visitors (see: How to change photo sizes).  Renaming helps to identify your images from those of other TNG site users.

I have located two nice photos on my computer of the wedding day of my grandparents.  Each file has been copied to a temporary subfolder and resized to be about 300 by 300 pixels, but this does not have to be exact.  I will now rename the image files by prefixing them with the surname of research:

  • “AgnesMacPhail.jpg” gets renamed: “Benedict AgnesMacPhail.jpg”.
    • It is 300 by 304 pixels.
  • “GeorgePeterBenedict.jpg” gets renamed: “Benedict GeorgePeterBenedict.jpg”.
    • It is 300 by 276 pixels.
  • Note that you can use a space in a filename, although some people prefer to use a dash “-“, or an underscore “_” instead.


Why do you need to add your surname as a prefix to the images?  In the multi-user version TNG for the society, the homepage image repository (image folder) is common to everyone, for each template.  Anyone also using Template #12 will be using the same folder and you will be able to see everyone else’s images.  To differentiate yours from others, you need a way to tag your images.

Note: this situation is only of concern for the template images.  Your other images; people, headstones, and so on; are kept separate and are unique to your TNG website.

Next, go your TNG site, log in, then go to Admin >> Setup >> Template Settings.  I am going to select Template #12 for this test.  Scrolling down, we see text boxes for: Left image and for Right image.

The first step, again, is to get the images uploaded from your computer to the TNG site. Note the two buttons on this line: Preview and Change.  Also note, on the far right, the current image size is displayed, for Augustin Grignon: 425 by 379 pixels.  You can use this information as a guide for resizing your image.

Click on the Change button.  You now see two more buttons: Choose File and Select.

Choose File is used to find the desired image on your home computer.  Clicking that will bring up a file browser.  Locate the image you want, select it (click on the image) and click on Open.

You should now see (with your image filename):

While you are here, you might as well update the image title, caption and feature link.  See below.  Make similar changes to any other image spots on the homepage.  Don’t forget to Save your changes.

Let’s have a look at the improvements.  You can click on the images or the image titles and it should take you to that individual’s profile page.