cemetery-1While working on the burial events of my family line, I ran across an annoying problem with cemeteries.  There are two cemeteries in Calgary with my relatives: Queen’s Park Cemetery and Union Cemetery.  In TNG, one of the cemetery pages lists all burials associated with that cemetery, but the other cemetery page does not.  What is missing here?

After some exploratory work, it turns out that I needed to add the cemetery location to the Places data table for this to work.  How do we make this happen?

The Union Cemetery page was working fine, but not the Queen’s Park Cemetery.  Here is the bottom of the working page:


The bottom box, “All Burials”, is the feature that we do want.  Note that Peter George Benedict is listed as a burial and we also have his gravestone in the Cemetery Photos.  This is what we want to see in Queen’s Park Cemetery.  Luckily, I now have the two cemetery pages to compare and figure out why we have a difference.

The clue is that Union Cemetery is also in Places and we now need to do the same thing for the other cemetery.  So, let’s go next to Cemeteries.

Log in as Admin, go to Administration and click on the Cemeteries tile.  Under Search, check that you have added the cemetery in question.  Yes, Queen’s Park Cemetery is there.  On this screen, you could associate your cemetery to a place, or go to the next step.


Go back to Administration and click on the Places tile.  We are going to add this cemetery to places, so click on the Add New tab.  If you have multiple trees, you need to associate this cemetery with a tree.  If you have burials at this cemetery from other trees, you will need to add this cemetery place again for the other trees.

The place name should include the cemetery name.  Because some cemetery names are not unique, i.e., Veteran’s Cemetery, Rest Haven, Pleasant View, and so on, you should add the location information as well.  I will use: “Queen’s Park Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada”.  Also, be aware of punctuation: “Queens Park” and “Queen’s Park” is not the same location to TNG.

If you want, you can add Google mapping by using the button: “Show/hide clickable map”.  If you do that, then the next three boxes, Latitude, Longitude and Zoom will be filled in for you.


Now click on the “Link this place to a cemetery” to connect the location to your cemetery.  You can add background information to the Notes field if you like.  This could be a useful place to help describe well-hidden cemeteries, plots on private property, or cautions on good footwear, for example.

Save your results.  Next, check on your cemetery page to see if your relatives show up for gravestone photos and burial notes.