TNG makes it very easy to add media; photographs, documents, headstones, into your family history site.  Have a look at the articles on TNG: How to use media: an overview, TNG: How to add media, TNG: How to import media and TNG: How to upload media for more information on this powerful feature.

If you do upload a lot of media, there is the problem of orphans.  Not in your family tree; these are “orphan” photos that end up not associated with any individual or family.  We all have them in our TNG website somewhere; so how do we find them and reunite the images to their families?

The first step is to find these unlinked images and documents.  Start by going to the Media page, via the Administration panel.  On the search page, you can see a display of your uploaded images and can filter this view by collection (photos, documents, headstones, …).

Notice the checkbox, “Unlinked only”.  Check that, set the Collection box to “All” and click on the Search button.  Here are the orphaned, unlinked media, looking for a home.

How do you link a stray photo back to an individual?  Click on the Edit icon for each unlinked item.  The TNG: How to add media article will be of help.

media-unlinked 1