GEDCOMYou have your TNG site ready and waiting for the family to arrive by GEDCOM.  The file has been prepared, it has been updated and cleaned, and now we can import all of your family data into TNG.

For this article, I am going to use my own TNG site at as my source and import the Benedict tree into my destination site at  There is old data at the destination site, some 437 people and 174 families.  My own TNG site has newer updates, with 774 people and 276 families.  It is time to get the two sites aligned.

I just exported all of my data, including media links, out of the master TNG site and have the GEDCOM file, Benedict.ged, stored on my home computer.  Let’s fire up the destination site, log in as an administrator, and go to the Import/Export page.  I’ll take you through the straight-line process and we can explore options in an upcoming article.


Import GEDCOM:

The first thing is to choose the GEDCOM file that is on your computer.  Click the “Choose File” button to get a pop-up window that you can use to select the right GEDCOM file.  We will look at the “From web site” alternative later on, so ignore it for now.

On the check boxes, I select “Accept data for all new Custom Event Types”.  I know that there are customized events coming from my master site, so I do want to make sure they work on the destination site.  TNG will now automatically add all those new Custom Event Types and set them to “Accept”.

Import Into:

Now we need to tell TNG where to place the data.  You do need to set up at least one tree in TNG for this to work.  If this is a new TNG site without a first tree, then use the “Add New Tree” button to create one.  Otherwise, use the pull-down list to instruct TNG on which tree should be the recipient of your GEDCOM data.

You cannot have multiple trees in any one GEDCOM file; it won’t work for TNG.  TNG expects all of the data in a GEDCOM file to be associated with one tree in TNG.  If you have multiple trees in your home computer, you will need matching GEDCOM files when you want to populate TNG.


I am going to replace all current data.  This means that any previous data will be overwritten by the new GEDCOM data.  This is usually fine if you are using this TNG site as a backup to another site or the application on your computer.  Or starting a fresh new TNG site.  Otherwise, you might want to read the article on the options.  Also check the articles on the file backup and file restore utilities.

The remaining check boxes are your decisions and preferences.  I do have media (photos, documents, headstones and the like) that will also be imported, separately.  By checking “Import media if present”, the images will show up in TNG in the right places.

Two notes:

  • Importing a GEDCOM does not import the media itself. It only imports the links that connect the media to your individuals and families.  You have to import the media as a separate operation, as described in TNG: How to import media.
  • When importing new media, you will need to manually link them to the desired individuals.


Success!  We brought in 774 people, 276 families, sources, notes, media links and places.

My text task is to get the media imported into the right places.