Last Saturday, April 9th, was to be a meeting of the Genealogy Computing Group at the library.  I even made sure The Breeze had a notice.

And I was a no show.  My apologies to all.

Last week was a bit brutal, if that is an excuse.  It started with an unscheduled funeral (aren’t they all?) of my brother-in-law, and I was to give a eulogy.  Which changed my business trip plans to Houston, at least the starting day.  Then there were days in Houston and more days in Baton Rouge.  I finally got home late Friday evening.  And plumb forgot the Saturday meeting.  I trust that it took place anyway and that members made it.

Lately, I have been working on the extraction of family events from a deceased cousin’s sets of videos, stored on DVD disks.  You can’t just copy files onto a computer as the file format is incompatible.  So I have been having fun exploiting a freeware tool called “Handbrake”, which does the trick.  If I remember, it would be a neat topic for our next gathering.  Also, we should test out the new overhead book scanner that the AFHS library has acquired.