The Alberta Family Histories Society (AFHS), located here in Calgary, Alberta, will be running a Saturday TNG workshop on February 13 .  

The presenter is Wayne Fuller, a knowledgeable user of TNG.  Regarding the agenda, Wayne says:

It looks like there is a diverse group with some quite sophisticated and others do not know where to begin .. I hope we can cover off on all that show up. I think it will be good to start at the beginning and a little refresher so that everyone is on the same page.. then move down the admin panel and explain each page and what parts are our responsibility and where to find things. We will go through login, user ID, tree creation and each of the setup pages including template settings. I will show how to set up the Custom Events and when to do that and then go through the process if anyone wants to use more than one language on their site. Then go through setting up Cemeteries and Headstones, photos and histories. I will show how Albums can be used to accumulate Family information and how to administer them. Also go through data correction and how to correct info on the website including children that are in the wrong order. And Lastly will take questions and try to help solve anyone’s issues.