Ever wonder why your first new TNG site is sporting that Latin-like paragraph on your welcoming page?  “Lorem ipsum” is known as a filler text, commonly used by computer programmers to block out an area with pseudo-readable sentences, until they can be replaced with the real text.  Which is what we are going to do next.

Log into your TNG site as administrator.   Open the Administration panel and select Setup.  Then go to Template Settings.

This is where you can custom configure the homepage and other pages of your TNG site.  There are many features here, but we will get around to describing all of them to you in time.  Right now, we are looking for the “Welcome headline” and the “Welcome paragraph” boxes.

Note that there are currently 14 different templates you can choose.  Of them, the first three do not have “Welcome paragraph” boxes.  And some of them do not have the headline box either.

You can just type in the prose you want for headline and paragraph.  If you know some html markup, that works here.  When done, go to the bottom of the page and click “Save”.  Be sure to check out your changes by going to the public view of the homepage.  You can do that by either logging out, or find the “Public Home (in frame)” link in the admin menu bar.  When you click on the latter option, you stay in as administrator but get to see the public view of your site.