printerOne of my local society members was concerned about allowing anybody visiting his TNG site, viewing an individual’s page and then just printing off all the data without logging in.  I said that the GEDCOM download feature and the PDF output feature were disabled for visitors, so he should not be worried.

That is, until he pointed out a tiny but handy little icon in the top-right corner of most information pages.  See below.




print-icon-01Note the Print icon.  What to do if you do not want drive-by strangers just printing off your stuff?

Note: there are other icons here, but we will save them for another article.

Okay, let’s hide the icon.


print-icon-02Log into your TNG site as Administrator and so to the Administration panel.  Click on the Setup tile.  Select General Settings, then open up the Site Design and Definition section.

Check for the fourth item from the bottom of the list: Show Print Link: it is likely set to Yes.  Change that to No.  Go to the bottom of the page and Save your changes.