mediaFamily history is more than just collecting names, dates and locations.  It is enriched by including photos and documents of your ancestors.  TNG can help you with the storing and including of all kinds of media on your family line. What is media for TNG users?  It can be: photographs; scanned documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates, census records, military enlistment documents; it can be headstone images; written histories, audio and even video recordings. TNG does not restrict you on the file type in the media collections.  So you can store files of type: jpeg, gif, png, pdf, xls, mp3 and mp4 and more.  Note: there will be some suggestions in another article on how to best handle very large video files. media-3 Where will my media appear in TNG?  On your homepage, there are menu selections available, and the default choices are: Photos, Histories, Documents, Videos, Recordings, Albums and Headstones.  Or, you can select All Media to see everything. Media can be stored in TNG without any association to a person or place if you want, but most likely you will want them to be attached, or “linked” to someone or somewhere. For example, see below, this is a screenshot from my father’s profile page.  Media of photos, documents, headstones and census have been included.  In this example, there is only one image per category, but you can have as many as you want.  The images shown here are “thumbnails”, or reduced size, but you can click on the hyperlink to the right of the image, or just hover your mouse over the thumbnail, to see a more full size image pop up. How do I get media to work in my TNG website?  Check out some of the other articles in this series: adding media, importing and uploading media, setting up collections and adding maps to media.  Media enriches your TNG site and is an enjoyable undertaking.  Have fun. media-1