places-01People and Places.  Can you find them together in TNG?

Looking for people is relatively easy.  Just use the search boxes on the homepage or just about any page inside the application.

The tougher job is to find a place and then know which of your people were there.  How can we find our people at a location in the world?

Let’s begin by looking for places.  Start with the main menu.  That might be on the right-side of the page, along the top or it might be pull-down tabs at the top.  It depends on the template choice.  Here are two examples:



Clicking on Places will take you to a new screen that will show all of the places that have been set up in your TNG site. The most used places will have the frequency of occurrence nicely shown by a horizontal bar chart. Select a place of interest:


I am going to select the country: Canada.  The next few screens will offer you selections by province/state, then by city/town and perhaps even by a location within the city (such as cemetery).

I will keep selecting, in this case, province of Alberta and city of Calgary.

Keep selecting down until you reach the place of interest.  Note the small magnifying glass icon to the right of any location name.  If you have arrived at your desired destination, just click on that icon.




The next screen (shown below) will have your people in their places.   At the top will be a map of the location, that is, if you actually have told TNG where on that map that place can be found.  See How to Map your Relatives.

Below the map will be a table of all of your ancestors that passed through that place, grouped into handy categories.  The categories can be Birth, Marriage, Death, Buried or Cremated, depending on your entered data.  The columns show ancestor’s name, which you can click on and go directly to that person’s page, plus the date of birth, death, etc., location, person ID and Tree.

You find out what ancestors may have been born or married in the same city or buried in the same cemetery.  Okay, now it is your turn to hunt down your tribe.