usersIt’s nice to have visitors to your TNG site.  In fact, isn’t that one of the perks of having your family study posted on a website?  Sharing of genealogy is one of the pleasures in the hobby that really makes this a global activity.  Sharing our family trees on a TNG site truly makes for an enjoyable, universal and instantaneous world community.

So, let’s look at the different “doors” you can open for your visitors.

Basically, your visitors will be either ‘guests’ or ‘users’.  We will assume that your TNG site is run without requiring a username + login, as per the criteria of the society.

A Guest is the same as public visitors.  They can view any page and any person and any information on deceased persons.  A deceased person in TNG lingo is an individual with a death or burial date, or a person that was born a number of years ago, typically 120 years ago.  A guest can also note the existence of any living person, but not any information about those living persons, except their family connections.  You might note, for example, that Joe Black has three living children but, depending on privacy settings, you cannot see their names or information.

The other type of visitor is a User, someone who has been given a username + login by an administrator.  Users typically have more power than a Guest, because these are people you want to help submit, edit and perhaps help you administrate the TNG site.  Users can be related to you or not, in the same town or across the globe.  You as administrator have the control on who gets in and what they can do to your site.

Your potential users first must register themselves with you, submitting information on name, email address and so on.  If acceptable, you can then approve them, set up a username + login password and assign them such privileges as appropriate for their role on the site.  For example, you may want them to add, edit and delete information on individuals.  Or perhaps only work with media, such as images.  In the beginning, you might only let them submit changes for consideration by you, before the changes go into the TNG site.  You can have as many users added to your site as you want.

A special category of user is the Administrator.  This person is the Primary user.  There can be more than one administrator and it is a good idea to have a backup person.  You do need at least one administrator, or else you have lost control on your site.  The administrator has full control and access to all information on the TNG site and can add or remove other users.

In the next article, we will sort out how to set up your users on TNG.