Welcome to Susan, Alan, Ross, Bob (x 2), Wayne, Earl, Heather to the new eNewsletter from Family Genes. This will keep you posted on updates from your TNG website. You need to stay in touch to keep current on any website additions and features, so here we go. This will be sent out daily until all of the bugs get squashed, hopefully soon. Then we can add the rest of the TNG users to the mail list. That will allow me to drop down to a weekly news blurb.

I am excited with the developments underway. We have a good core start to our group and enthusiasm at the monthly meetings. And there will be more features along the way, so look forward to news. By the way, you all got registered as “contributors” to the Family Genes site, so you can also go ahead with your own posts. Try it out, if you know something of WordPress. If not, we will cover it at the next meeting.

On the TNG sites, I just went through all of them to make sure Administration was still working. Three sites still do not have any information, so I must get in touch with those people so they get their monies worth. Some sites have not changed their template at all. Most people have, but a few are still using the default images for the front page. It looks like we have a topic for discussion.