TNG has a handy way for sporting the latest information on your website.  One page features the most recent updates in the last 30 days: photos, documents, headstones, birth/marriage/death images, plus changes to individuals and families.

This is a good place to see any changes made to your TNG site, and to also keep interest going amongst your researchers and families.

You can see this page by going to the homepage menu and selecting “What’s New”.

If you save the URL of the What’s New page, it can be emailed out to other interested parties.  To do that, go to the What’s New page.  Then, in your browser’s address text box, at the top of the browser, click anywhere inside the box.  Highlight all of the text, usually by clicking CTRL-A, or dragging your cursor across all of the text.  Click CTRL-C, to copy the text.  You can then paste the address link elsewhere, with a CTRL-V command.

The URL for my own personal TNG site What’s New page, for example, is:

As well as the most recent images, you can also add your own message to the What’s New page.

I added my note to the top of the page, on progress on the family tree DNA study.



You do this in the Miscellaneous area of TNG.  Log in as Admin and go to Miscellaneous >> What’s New.  You will see a text editing box.  Type in the desired message and Save.

Note: this is a persistent message, and does not expire after 30 days, so you should remind yourself to update the message from time to time.